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  • Obrázek autoraJarek Cemerek

Terminus Vivendi

Choreography for the Balettakademien Göteborg (Sweden)

The piece was totally choreographed via video link and created in collaboration between the choreographer and ensemble.

"Our being, our life, is permanently interwoven with boundaries – in space and in time. Our whole life is delimited and limited by boundaries. Our skin is the boundary that is still with us. Death is our last boundary. When we love, we desire to get behind the boundary of the beloved. Boundaries are a challenge. Boundaries show us that we do not want to be alone."

Koreografi: Jarek Cemerek tillsammans med dansarna

Ljusdesign: Karl Wassholm

Kostymkonsult: Tomas Sjöstedt

Ljudredigering: Eric Magnée

Film: Harald Nilsson

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