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Boundaries of Being

Concept and Choreography by Jarek Cemerek Music by Jon Hopkins and Ben Frost Sound Design by Eric Magnée Video Editing by Philip Roberson


Our being, our life, is permanently interwoven with boundaries, in space and in time. Our whole life is delimited and limited by boundaries. Our skin is the boundary that is still with us. Death is our last boundary. When we love, we desire to get behind the boundary of the beloved. Boundaries are a challenge. Boundaries show us that we do not want to be alone.

The choreography was a part of the “Fall Dance Concert: From the Ground Up” of the Boston Conservatory.

Acclaimed guest choreographers Jarek Cemerek, William Isaac, Gabrielle Lamb, and Martha Nichols and faculty member Joy Davis created new virtual works for Boston Conservatory dance students. Each artist was creating a unique online dance experience in collaboration with the dancers. All five works were premiered live and introduced by the artists, who provided a brief overview of the work and the creative process. This concert was presented virtually.

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